The Best Wedding Dresses According To Your Body Type

The Best Wedding Dresses According To Your Body Type

Have you been tirelessly searching for your dream wedding dress? No luck yet? Well, don’t worry – it happens to all! Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most special events in a person’s life, and all brides strive to look their best on their big day. However, finding the perfect wedding dresses is an ordeal in itself, as you need to look for one that will go well with your theme, as well as complement your body type and personality.

Whether you have a pear-shaped body shape or an hourglass figure, this guide can help you find just the right dress for your big day.

Ball Gowns

A ball gown is a perfect option if you want to look ethereal on your big day. The most prominent aspect of a ball gown is its full skirt and fitted bodice. This creates the illusion of having a smaller waist. If you lack some curves, this dress can make you look curvy and feminine. Moreover, if you do not have a defined waistline, a ball gown can give off an illusion of a smaller waistline. However, if you are a petite woman, this kind of dress will accentuate your already thin waistline, something you may not want. Therefore, women with extremely slender bodies should go for other options, as a voluminous ball gown has the ability to make your small body frame look even smaller.

The Best Wedding Dresses According To Your Body Type

Mermaid Dresses

This dress hugs you in all the right places, making you look sexy and gorgeous. Mermaid wedding dresses are the perfect choice for busty brides and women who have an hourglass body shape, as it accentuates their best features. If you have a shorter torso, this dress gives the illusion of a longer torso and flares out just below the knees to give you a glamorous look. However, if you are looking for loose wedding dresses, this dress will not be the ideal choice for you.

The Best Wedding Dresses According To Your Body Type

Column Dresses

If you have a sleek figure, this dress is the one for you, as it adds length to your body and accentuates your best features. Also known as a sheath dress, it is fitted from the top to the bottom, following the natural outline of the body. However, pear-shaped brides should not opt for column wedding dresses as they will bring attention to your wide hips, whereas you want to accentuate your shoulders and upper body.

The Best Wedding Dresses According To Your Body Type

Drop-Waist Dresses

If you have a slim or defined waistline, the drop-waist dress will look absolutely gorgeous on you, as it flares out just below the waistline. Your balanced figure will be emphasized in this dress. However, if you have a broad frame, this dress won’t be suitable for you, as it will place all the emphasis on your shoulders.

Once you understand the shape of your body and what features you need to accentuate, you can easily find the perfect wedding dresses to bring out the best in you!

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